Introduction to Architecture+Philosophy

This is a place where participants in an ongoing seminar called Architecture+Philosophy can discuss concepts, arguments, practices and projects between the disciplines of architecture and philosophy with a strong emphasis on feminist theories.

Under Topics you will find the open list of themes that organise the ongoing Architecture+Philosophy seminar series.

Under Thinking-Doing you will find lists of relevant Readings, ongoing Discussion, and Projects. Please go to the Readings link to download relevant weekly readings. Use the Discussion link to upload your response to the readings, and be sure to carefully note on your posts which reading you are referring to. Under the Projects link I invite you to submit links to the completed booklets you will produce as part of your assessment. For this submission I ask that you create a document in ISSUU, and then link that document to this archandphil BLOG under Projects. For further information, follow the link associated with the name of your seminar under TOPICS.

To download essays, and upload your responses and links to the assessments you will need to register to this BLOG! To participate on this BLOG go to the register link on the bottom left corner of this page and fill in your details. Once I have your emails I will be able to send you an invitation to join this BLOG,  once you receive this invitation please follow the link. If you have any queries please email me at: helene.frichot[AT] or hjfrichot[AT]

This Blog is associated with teaching and research being undertaken within Critical Studies of Architecture, KTH Architecture, Stockholm, Sweden.

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