READINGS::Architectural Violence and Creative Resistance 2011

February 17, 2011

Architectural Violence and Creative Resistance, Semester One, 2011

Weekly Required Readings

Week One

-Eyal Weisman, ‘Lethal Theory’ in Log 7, Winter/Spring 2006, pp. 53-77.

Eyal Weizman_Lethal Theory

-Assemblage 20, MIT Press, April 1993. Special edition dedicated to Violence and Space.

Assemblage essay-Architecture and Violence


-Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze, ‘Intellectuals and Power’, in Language, Counter-Memory, Practice, Donald F. Bouchard and Sherry Simon, trans. (Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1977).

Foucault and Deleuze, Intellectuals and Power

-Peter Blundell Jone, Doina Petresco, Jeremy Till, editors, Architecture and Participation, London: Taylor and Francis, 2005. (This book is available as an ebook in the RMIT Library. This week, as discussed in class, I recommend you read: Giancarlo De Carlo, ‘Architecture’s Public’, pages 3-22.)

-Jane Rendell, Jonathan Hill, Murray Fraser, Mark Dorrian, eds, Critical Architecture, London: Routledge, 2007. (This is also available as an ebook!!! Rendell’s introduction will give you an excellent background to the question of what is critical theory, which arose during the discussion today).

Week Two

Michael Sorkin, ‘Introduction: Up Against the Wall’ in Against the Wall: Israel’s Barrier to Peace, New York: The New Press, 2005.

Michael Sorkin Against the Wall


Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, ‘1440: The Smooth and the Striated’ in A Thousand Plateaus, Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press, 1987.


Week Three

-Giorgio Agamben, ‘Beyond Human Rights’ in Means Without Ends, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000.

Agamben Means Without Ends

-Hannah Arendt, ‘We Refugees’ in Mennorah Journal, vol. 31, 1943.

Hannah Arendt We REFUGEES

Week Four

-Giorgio Agamben, ‘The Camp as the ‘Nomos’ of the Modern’, in Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life, Stanford, California: Stanford Universit Press, 1998.

Giorgio Agamben Homo Sacer

Week Five

-Lieven De Cauter, ‘The Capsule and the Network: Notes for a General Theory’ in The Capsular Civilization, Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2004.

De Cauter Capsuler civilization


Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces, Diacritics, 1986.


Week Six

-David Harvey, ‘Right to the City’, in New Left Review 53, September/October 2008, pp. 23-40.

Harvey Right to the City

Week Seven

– Peter Sloterdijk, ‘Foam-City,’ in Log 9, Winter/Spring 2007.


Week Eight

Michel Foucault, ‘Space, Knowledge and Power’ in Power, London: Penguin, 2000, pp. 349-364.

Foucault on Power

Week Nine

-Walter Benjamin, ‘Critique of Violence’ in Reflections, New York: Schocken Books, 1978.

Benjamin Critique of Violence

Week Ten

Jacques Derrida, ‘On Cosmopolitanism’ in On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness, London: Routledge, 2002.

Derrida On Cosmopolitanism

Week Eleven

Isabelle Stengers, ‘The Cosmopolitical Proposal’, in Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel, eds. Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2005.

Stengers Cosmopolitical

Herman Melville, ‘Bartleby’, in in Billy Budd, Sailor and Other Stories, London: Penguin Classics, 1970.


Week Twelve

Slavov Zizek, ‘Passions of the Real, Passions of Semblance’ in Welcome to the Desert of the Real, London: Verso, 2002.

Zizek Welcome to the Desert…

In preparation for Teresa’s presentation in our final seminar, please refer to the documents below:



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