March 31, 2011

Tonight, we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done

–George W Bush post September 11 attacks

This essay will be focusing on the act of terrorism  and how it and its effects on the general public, both locally and internationally presents itself as more harmful in terms of its psychological damages rather than the mere physical and visual impact. It will take the context of which September 11 and its attacks were carried out and planned, looking at the intentions and theories behind the type of attack that it was. Breaking down the essential elements that make terrorism, terrorism, I will focus on the attack on the person’s psyche, intentional or non intentional. These theories will be compared and contrasted by focusing on Eyal Weisman’s “Lethal Theory” as well as “Dissensus : on politics and aesthetics” by Jacques Rancière. To define the harmful effects of this act of terrorism, I will look at the trauma caused by the event. The reason in which being the fact that trauma is considered to be an effect that goes beyond the event, sometimes indefinitely and is defined as a result of a lack of a defined resolution of a particular incident or event. Media broadcasting, public speeches by politicians, military reaction and even conspiracy theories will be brought into discussion as attempted means of bringing about a resolution to this conflict. The essay will then attempt to determine the extent of the trauma caused by these September 11 attacks and if a sense of resolution can actually be achieved for such a horrific out play of terrorism.

Joel Lee


One Response to “Abstract”

  1. I will discuss the relationship between trauma and architecture, taking the destruction of the World Trade Centre as my primary example. Trauma is xxx IN the Assemblage essay, x, Cathy writes that trauma is…
    The fall of the WTC in NY can be called a trauma because…?
    Tumarkin describes it as a trauma scape for these reasons…
    See Zizek, welcome to the desert of the real.
    Conclude: plans for the reconstruction of WTC…architecturally? Does this resolve the trauma?

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