July 27, 2011

Bacon defines as diagram the set of operative lines, colour patches, line strokes and zones which do not embody some further significance or representation. He describes it as a confused sensation which cannot be defined and are moments of inspiration or response through a personal interpretation of the figurative.

He refused to follow both the path of abstract expressionism and abstraction. According to Bacon, abstraction could become a set of simple codes of the figurative and also lacked of sensation and tension as it was neutralized by exposing it optically. In abstract expressionism the diagram would occupy the entire painting resulting in a messy effect and even though the sensation was subsequently acquired it remained in an irremediably obscure state. Bacon believed that a balance in a painting is crucial and therefore he gave great significance to the treatment of the contour and the clarity of the sensation.

In my diagram I am employing Bacon’s approach towards art. Beginning with his explanation of the diagram while simultaneously following his own particular path with the characteristics he introduced.



‘In a landscape of stormy water, prevailing waves have surrounded a lighthouse and are about to violate its current state, releasing up on it all of their embodied energy. It is just seconds before the defenceless edifice will be stricken by the natural force. The dark tones, the distorted and energetic lines of the waves, but also the stillness of the towering lighthouse standing still and numb while helplessly waiting for its doom further dramatize the scene.’

 Andreas Sivitos


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