August 12, 2011

A change of state, bodywithoutorgans allows intensities to flow unobstructed, desires to be fulfilled uninhibited. Emptying the body of organs is the means of consciously releasing oneself from the binds of society, the norms and dictums imposed upon us: a release of consciousness. The masochist bound and sown up embodies the internalization of external pressures that control and define us. Pain is an intensity that can transcend such binds release oneself to access ones, a masochists desires, ‘a plane of consistency of desire’.

The external pressures purging our consciousness and intensity of desires is described as an organism. The conditions of experiencing pleasure is not by reaching the limits of bodywithoutorgans but by encapsulating the mediation to such a plane in an egg. Whereby pleasure, desire can be experienced in continuum. The explosive destruction of organs and the replacement of organisms results in the growth of cancerous tissue, a destructive response to the release of consciousness. The body without the organs should not contain the complete annihilation of the organism but its surrender. The egg, bodywithoutorgans in our control allows us to ‘plug into desire, of effectively taking charge of desires’.

A bodywithoutorgans, psychologically establishes a severing of the connection with the physical, material world. Forgoing organs vital to our existence releases us from the pragmatic realities of the world; expectations, assumed reason and responsibility to explore the realm of desires.  However there are factors that obstruct the flow of intensities and cause harm. Existence on this plane requires understanding and a degree of measure in the engagement with bodywithoutorgans.


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