How do we share? The secret? How will we experience? The mysteries?

September 14, 2011

“Under such repressive conditions the yearning for freedom and transformation could have never been born and fostered, had it not been for secret societies..”

If we look at the fundamental origin of secret societies, it consisted of nothing more than a group of people who shared a similar interest that was ostracized by a greater power that the rest of society followed, in many cases, against a religious or political dominance. Without these oppressive bodies, secret societies would never have thrived because there wouldn’t be a need to remain in secret. As a result of this fact, it should be obvious to point out that secret societies have no place in contemporary life because there is no need for it if everyone is able to freely express and question ideas. However, without knowing exactly, this is not the case, as there is still an existence of secret societies, though without the extreme punishment of death or banishment.

It would be no different in saying that certain art movements can be defined as secret societies in that they largely come from breaking the rules and constraints of what was previously accepted and developed something different, which from the outright is rarely immediately accepted (i.e, the Vienna Secessionists).

There is also the interesting notion of what drives these existences, largely from the basic desire of wanting to feel included and being part of something, which gossiping allows, where two or more people share a secret and form a mutual connection of knowing the same thing together. In this way, we can also see a secret society as not something mystical or ritualistic, but rather a grownup group of people wanting to feel like they’re a part of something, regardless of what it is, and meeting discreetly for fear of what others might think.


jacky chan

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