Okiya – Institute of Affect

October 28, 2011


Shrouded by traditions and secrecy, so restrictive the manner it operates has not varied much since the birth of its industry. The geisha today receives similar training and practice as their profession predecessors a century ago. Emerging out of the humble Okiya, geisha operates in the field of entertainment, working with affective bodies and essentially selling Affect itself.

In this essay, I will be drawing upon theories by Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Brian Massumi and Georges Teyssot to study the Okiya as a place of learning for its’ students and the role Affect plays in the journey of ‘becoming’ within the Okiya. The essay will look into the power relation and power manipulation of both the Okiya and the human outcome (Geisha) through affect as a tool of power control that occurs within and beyond the walls of the institution which extends into the society. Power manipulation is the fundamental platform of the control system applied in an organisation and in this case, an institution. Further analysis within this essay will look at the methods of control imposed on the resident students through affect analysis. As the direct human outcome of the institution, this essay also attempts to provide an occidental perspective of the construct of geisha and analyse the affect that plays in the metamorphosis of ‘becoming’ and her tools of the trade.

置屋 – Essay PDF

http://issuu.com/archandphil/docs/okiya – ISSUU Link

– Barry Lim

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