museum for the Australian border

November 4, 2011

The essay presents a major project work about the Museum for the Australian border. Initialy, an introduction of the chosen site is given and then key elements of the Australian border control are discussed. Subsequently, follows the presentation of the way the museum is laid out.



Due to the fact that Australia does not share borders with other countries a desire to control and defend the shore has been maintained, governed by an indifferent political mentality. The past and present measures have controlled the flow of people arriving to the country and regulated the behaviour of the foreign and local population.

Through an external point of view, the English government regulated its population’s behaviour by warning it about the consequences of engaging in criminal activities by sending its convicts to the ill reputed Australian land.

In the succeeding years, the flow of the incoming population was controlled with the white Australian policy, during which the vast majority of humanity was excluded from the newly formed white utopia. Paradoxically, today the country has become one of the most multicultural places of the world. However, it maintains a strict control of entry into the country. 



museum for the Australian border

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