Recording time – Sensation and memory

February 22, 2012


When recalling events, places, experiences or such, what happens in our minds is a sort of recreation of that which took place, but it is not exact, it is colored by our sensorial and affectional memory.


A human body is not simply made up of flesh, blood and mind. It is compiled by thin slices of time pressed upon each other. Each slice then adds to the abstract volume of the body, which expands much further out than its actual physical limitations.


As sentient beings, we like to say that we experience time, and we have invented various tools to measure time. But to render time is the real mind-bender of our existence. Sure, we can record it, and depict it, but we can never make it. As with all the fundamental physical laws of the universe, we are unable to control time, and we must either find a way to succumb to it, or go down fighting and screaming.


Time can sometimes go by like the blink of an eye, and sometimes it slows down to a creep. There is nothing that says that the one or the other is preferable, it depends entirely on the situation that we are in and what we wish to do with it. But it does seem that an inevitable effect of adulthood is the acceleration of time. When we are children, time seems to be in abundance, never-ending, inexhaustible. But that is somehow lost as we grow up. Time seems to never be sufficient, it passes over and under us in a frenzy, and desperately we try to cling to it so we do not lose any precious moments.


The passing of time is blatantly apparent in its effect on our bodies. We grow up, our bodies mature, then wither and dies. This is an inevitable force, and it is relentless. But, at the same time it is what makes us feel, what makes us human, it is the very thing that allows us to experience both the horrors as well as the beauty of this world.

– Kristin Nedlich


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