Kissing in public

April 18, 2012


Unlike tennis, football, or many other sports, bridge doesn’t need more than a deck of cards, four players, and a level surface. Which means that it is possible to play anywhere, anyhow. As a matter of fact, in modern day society, one doesn’t even need an actual deck of cards, online play is increasing and this makes it possible for anyone to watch, or engage from all over the world. Which makes the kissing not only public, but global, and it acts on a completely superficial, non-physical level (computer/mobile screen).


The affect and also the affection of the game can run deep, and is often expressed through intense concentration or stillness, and many times through laughter and animated discussions. When displayed in public, in front of non-players, it may appear to be almost as emotionally offensive as some kind of real, actual, physical kissing in public. When we move out of our allotted space (i.e the club), and impose ourselves in a public space (a train, a bar/café, park etc), we intrude on others, like a sucking fish on a host. And when we´re done, we release our grip and there are no sign that we´ve even been there, only the memory of affect is left behind, vibrating and confusing.


Bridge doesn’t really need architecture, but when performed in a public space it does create some sort of boundary, both physical and psychological. If we were to put up a table in the middle of the street and start playing, people would automatically avoid invading our playing area, because we would appear to be doing something real and important (important to us, anyway) and that would in itself create a type of architecture, through invisible boundaries.

– Kristin Nedlich



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