A virtual card factory

May 9, 2012

Bridge in itself it would not put food on your table, or clothe you when you’re cold. It is a completely virtual occupation that wouldn’t exist in its current form if it werent for the fact that we have a society that allows for a large amount of the population to be non-productive (in terms of producing food or items).


What it does produce is the business surrounding it, the material necessary to hold big tournaments, or to sustain a daily club activity. Money is invested, or paid as entry fees in the large tournaments, and then distributed as prize money or pay to the workers running the show. Professional players, teachers and administrative personnel can make a living of it, and many happily trade their old careers for a bridge career.


To be a professional you really have to treat it like a regular job, you have to study, practise and deliver something of value to your client. The value can of course be income in the form of prize money, but most importantly it is the value of an education. Whether it be yourself and your partner (prize money), a sponsor (a person that ”hires” a team in which he/she plays wiht one of the pro’s), or the audience in general (many tournaments are broadcasted on the internet. This value can be considered pure entertainment, or as training in problem solution, social skills logical thinking and philosphy.


Bridge embodies all those qualities and, strange as it may sound it sometimes feels like an abstraction of life, of how we interact, of how we learn from each other. No one can become a world class bridge player without understanding those elements, and that is what makes it stand out from other mind sports, such as chess, poker or backgammon (which are mainly individual sports).


It also has a prominent element of control, control within the society of bridge which acts almost as the school system. One has to learn the language, the rhetoric, and the practicalities before one can venture deep into the universe of bridge.

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