Materials and methods

October 10, 2012

The text, “Material matters” discusses, how materials matter in an architectural context. It refers to how architects develop their project, the methods, the orthographic drawing, manual or digital, and when and which influence the material has.

“…on the other hand, the very method we use to develop architectural proposals – orthographic drawing – only describe form, and relegates material to the empty spaces between the lines” In the text it is also noticed, that the typical/traditional architectural drawing contents of  only lines, which tells a lot about proportions and forms, but not really anything about atmosphere and sense.

This made me think about how I develop my project. I always enjoy and prefer to use the manual methods, like building models by hand, drawing, making collages and so on. The “real” material seems to inspire and give something back, which I seldom experience when looking into a grey computer screen.The analogue method seems to make me consider atmosphere, mood, sense, and idea.

With the enlarged focus on sustainability, it seems that the consideration of materials has become more important. Anyhow it seems that, like mentioned in the text; that materials are discussed at a later stage in the process. In that way material doesn’t have anything to do with atmosphere and sense. Instead materials are discussed in connection to the technical, constructional and practical parts of the project, and that might be a shame, when materials actually are capable of deciding just how you feel, what you see, and how you experience the specific building.

In addition to that my favorit material of the day we met, I choose wood. The appearance and the smell reminds me of being in the forest. I some how feel safe and protected in the forest, of the warmth, and of being in the nature.
Furthermore I like that the wood has a history, and if I should be more specific about my choice of material I really like the grains in the wood. I find it fascinating, that even though the wood is used as boards you still see its “life nerve”. And when you reuse the wood you sort of still have to “take care” and pay attention to the grains.

My image is a mixture of different methods and materials. I found one old handdrawing(scanned), one collage(scanned) , two computerdrawings and put them together. Aftwards I draw freehand, painted, draw with a ruler on the printet image. Then scaned it in the computer, and added one more computer drawing.
In connection to the discussion about materials and methods I found it interesting to make a mix, that through very many transformations brought the different materials and methods together.

– Anne Mette

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