How many stories?

October 11, 2012

“Nonidentity resides in those denied possibilities, in the invisible field that surrounds and infuses the world of object.”

In history of human beings there has always been some part we don´t understand or part that afraid us: night, death, month and years etc. The Human response was to invent stories: gods, legends etc. I think that this unknown quality is what Benett call things-power. In the time of scientific knowledge this has become what people believe, things that are without explanation are not true. Maybe Benett tries to make us understand that we can still believe in something else, that things have the power to create stories.

The gods and actors of the religious stories [except in Islam] were most often made of stone-  Greek statues, Buddha, Mayans, Incas, etc.  All over the world the symbolism is made in stone to fix it into the people’s life. Stone makes the stories become real.

Do the objects have a power of life or just different significance? The stone could be a mountain, or you could extract it and change it to build a house, or maybe in an Italian park you will cross paths with a white statue waiting for you.  If the stone making up the mountain, house or statue comes from the same source. … does it make you feel the same?   Shaping the stone connects it to human emotion whilst its permanence in comparison to human life expresses history and age that we cannot experience.

To imagine the story of a building through it’s stone for example: how many hands touch this wall? Who built this wall? Who sculpted this window?  This history could be the vibrant matter or the vitality of the material.

– Hava –

The Force Of Things, Vibrant Matter, A Political Ecology of Things, Jane Bennett, London 2010


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