A matter of time

October 18, 2012


The way we choose to tell our history effects our future they say.

All matter carries memories, we all have relationships with matter that has in some way touched us during our lives. We will have future relationships with future matter coming our way. We could see all our surroundings as gigantic photo albums telling our story. How should we choose to develop our surroundings some that we keep telling our story but at the same time keep heading for the future what we want and learn from our mistakes? Re-use, re-view, be-new. A matter of time. Time can be the difference between life and death, for some matter more than others. Can we as humans feel the possible lifetime of matter? Does the lifetime-aspect effect how we feel about-, use- and take care of matter? How much has the timelife-aspect to do with matters power to impress us? The stone being long lived, clouds being short lived.

How do we want our photo album to look in the future?

/Hanna Wikström

Manuel DeLanda, ‘Deleuze, Materialism and Politics ’, in Ian Buchanan and N. Thoburn, eds, Deleuze and Politics, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2008.
Manuel DeLanda, A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History, New York: Swerve, 2000. Excerpt.


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