Freedom is choices

November 19, 2012

Freedom can be perceived in many ways, freedom of thinking, freedom of actions… In the analysis of the role of the architect what is interesting us is the “zone of indetermination”. In the project, program, site or square meters can be provided by the client. The freedom we have is what gives the figure of the project, the concept the idea, the form. Freedom is the part you give to architecture. That is your way of doing architecture, the artistic part of the architecture. It is in this way that architecture can always be different depending on the architect, space and time.

“In this understanding, the question whether the subject would or would not make the same choice again is ill posed: such a situation is unrealistic and impossible. The precise circumstances cannot be repeated, at the very least, because the subject is not the same: the subject has inevitably changed, grown older, been affected by earlier decisions, is aware of previous choices, and so on.” E.Grosz, p 144

In architecture freedom is choices, and choices are a long road making the history of the project, layers by layers.

// Hava


Elizabeth Grosz, ‘Feminism, Materialism, and Freedom’, in Diana Coole and Samantha Frost, eds, New Materialisms: Ontology,Agency, and Politics, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2010.


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