Body language

November 21, 2012

“The body as a grammar of its own that cannot be fully captured in language because it  “doesn’t just absorb pulses or discrete stimulations; it enfolded contexts…” 

An affect is a non-conscious experience of intensity:  as I understand, affects can be shared, contrary to feeling or emotions which are personal.  Affect is what can be produced by music, dance or architecture. Dance show the body as a new language and express feeling as a story. Spectators feels the effect of the intensity of the body language. Dance is tension, torsion, jumping and moving in the music shows all the complexity of saying what cannot be saying.

Architecture is a way of expression which can be view as artistic. It shows a concept, or sensations. In this way it could produce affects. What is the function of the architect? How and how much affects should he produce?

// Hava

Reading :

Eric Shouse, ‘Feeling, Emotion, Affect’, in Melissa Gregg, ed. ‘Affect.’ M/C Journal 8.6 (2005). 25 Nov. 2011.

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