November 21, 2012


fect is something between bodies ( living or non-living). It is interesting to realize how significantly our behaviors can impact on reality. When Shakespeare wrote the Macbeth the first link in this whole chain of affects was trace of the ink on paper (let’s assume that). Then it affected England at this time and so on. Now this initial trace on paper “affect” our theaters ,computers and finally brains. We can easily observe that everything is connected thorough chain of causality. When we consider movements of particles in air or in some liquid it is very unlikely that small local change in state of some of them can can affect significantly the whole for a longer period of time. This statement in fact very vague because it is relative was does it mean significantly and longer period of time but intuition is clear.
Our world is partially organized and partially chaotic. When we think of a chaotic pile of a play-cards our single action can not affect this pile significantly. When we consider a structure of building made of play-cards then single action can destroy the all. Same works for our world one action can have tremendous impact on the whole – because it is organized. Our chains of communication are organized because our society is organized and our society is organized because our brains are organized.



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