What affect matter?

November 21, 2012

Newborns reacts to their environment without having experience enough to feel, they say.

And that we in our human bodies, even though we grow up, unconsciously have relationships with our environments. Being aware of our layers of affect, affection, feelings and emotions, I wonder which layer has the closest relationship with matter? How much do our experiences of matter decide how we react to it? How much does our will to like or not like matter matter? And off course, can we learn to control how to reach peoples affect-layer with matter?

This makes me think of our reactions concerning “true and false matter”. We are all, some more then others, more comfortable  in a room made of matter that tell us a true story. That looks and feels like the matter it is. That is solid and long lasting. Is it some how connected to the depth of the matter, it´s depth in layers? And how our layers talk to each other?

Some of us, me included, find it very comforting and calming to be amongst trees. To walk and sit next to them. To hide behind them and feel them supporting me. Protecting me. Caring for me.

Does the trees affect-layer speek to my affect-layer?

/Hanna Wikström


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