Mediated Atmospheres

November 25, 2012


“…affect is what makes feelings feel” (Shouse 2005)

”Given the ubiquity of affect, it is important to take note that the power of many forms of media lies not so much in their ideological effects, but in their ability to create affective resonances independent of content or meaning.” (Shouse 2005)

If nearly all forms of mediated communication can transmit affect, how does that apply to architecture?
Architecture does not speak for itself, but rather through the interpretations that are made of it. How these interpretations are formed is perhaps a question about beliefs that are specific to a time and place. We can also question how these beliefs are formed and related to the way architectural projects are mediated and presented through various types of communication. What affects our feelings and beliefs about good architecture?




Eric Shouse, ‘Feeling, Emotion, Affect’, in Melissa Gregg, ed. ‘Affect.’ M/C Journal 8.6 (2005). 25 Nov. 2011.

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