Ceramic-based atmosphere

December 4, 2012

ceramic-based atmosphere

[the pine trees & ceramic-based atmosphere]

“A perceived work of art expresses a certain bundle of spatial-temporal relations”

“The space and time which we find there are not structures of an organized world but qualities of an expressed world”

Mikel Dufrenne

Below I describe one of my favorite atmospheres I have been affected by.

Site: “La Ricarda” house or “Casa Gomis” by the architect Antoni Bonet in El Prat de Llobregat. Its roof is covered with 20x20cm ceramic tiles (a very specific old ceramic brand with unique characteristics) and has an ondulated shape. I am sitting on it.

Sights: I can see the watchdogs lying on the garden’s grass from above. I am surrounded by the green of big pine trees, higher than the top of the house. The horizon shows a fine seafront and a deep blue clear sky. Some friends are sitting around too.

Smells: the pine needles and the salty mediterranean water

Sounds: the birds, the waves, a dog barking sometimes, distant footsteps, friends’ talks and laughter, an airplane taking off.

Textures: the ceramic tiles I am sitting on are warm thanks to the sunny day. They adapt to the wavy roof and so does my body.

I have the sense that it was the right time and the right place, adding an amount of details that put together made me experience positive vibrations in that atmosphere. It would not have been the same if those friends had not been there or the sun was not shining or the pine trees were bushes. Only my memory let me remember that atmosphere and how I experienced it in that space and time. My favorite atmospheres are based on my personal experiences. So the combination of one’s senses, memories, mood, etc. defines the way an atmosphere affects the subject.

-Anna B-

Ben Anderson, ‘Affective Atmospheres’, in Emotion, Space and Society 2, 2009, pages 77-81

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