A matter of peace

December 5, 2012



It takes some very special conditions to make a foreign flower blossom, they say.

All this reading about war makes me me feel sick. It makes me think of all the people that has landed here in this country because of it. All the people that now have to handle the threatening talk about some people being welcome and some not. Again. Where they thought that they where finaly safe.

I recently looked at a house that was for rent. A famely from Iran owned it and while they still lived there they had replaced the wooden terrace with a stone terrace. Terracotta colored stone with some pattern of meandering plants. Even though a stone terrace might not be the best solution during a cold, slippery swedish winter. I can only start to imagine how this change in material made these people feel, using this house. What associations it gave them. What story the stone told them.

I wonder, what environments and what materials do we need right now in Sweden?

What special conditions do we need, to make all the flowers blossom?

/Hanna Wikström


Peter Sloterdijk, ‘Atmospheres of Democracy’, in Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel, eds, Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2005.

Peter Sloterdijk, ‘Gas Warfare–or: The Atmoterrorist Model, in Terror From the Air, LA: Semiotext(e), 2009.


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