Descartes and white men´s inheritage ever since

September 28, 2013

Lena Palm/Gbg


Abstract: Since about five years conducted the training in KTH / architecture section based on feminist theory, and may also be referred to ” queer theory .” The concept implies that strongly question the normative and the power structures that exist . A group of architecture section took the initiative to write a manifesto complaining of the need for radical changes in architecture’s cultural expressions – both in mind as in matter. Querrteorin intends to analyze and uncover hidden ” certainties ” that are seen as normal and normative . Today’s perfunctory architecture needs anticipated in its entire form. The built environment must interfere in man’s identity and documents – socially, psychologically , spiritually , mentally and practically , – away from the current structure of power , oppression and rigidity .

Descartes  Bild 6 POLITIKER M Hög hatt + cigarr - politiker+

My reflections: Yes indeed, we live in conditions that the white older man dictating terms – which he inherited by men before him. This applies in particular and the architecture is no exception. On the contrary, the built environment represents enormous value , both financially and legally . The built environment maintains hierarchies.

The reason for my interest in architecture and urban planning , I can connect to queer theory – but I did not know it was called that. I’ve always called it the organ -term , small-scale , differentiation , and the like . Now I am very happy to be able to use a more modern and more precise term that queer theory. 1978 , I was in Barcelona and saw Antonio Gaudi’s buildings, mosaics and organic expression in their works. Then I had an epiphany that shook me and I realized how perfunctory our built environment is and what männsikosyn we are forced. I believe that architecture / urban design reflects the perception of what a person is in the community , a chastened and half dead creature . Creativity and inspiration to be humbled . Mankind will focus on work and a structured architecture should be square. In this way achieves power and decision-making efficiency and measurability , control and structure, away from disorder and the dangerously impulsive . In any case, my analysis since long.

Unfortunately, Le Corbusier been taking up too much space with its technocratic approach , including that man is a rational machine . But the idea was also a tribute to the modern man , and away from the old and the occult. Actually, we need to go back to Descartes and his mechanistic approach to science as the basis for the further development of everything, even in the humanities , such as health , spirituality and culture. Descartes spirit prevails to this day ! Architects are engineers , economists and engineers. Architect is fairly new profession if I understand correctly from what I read. Settlement occurred ” only ” . No architect designed the farmer’s house. The exception was the bigger mansions and government buildings, particularly in the fortification and the military. Psychology and sociology are new disciplines , and it is not until now that they are increasingly beginning to understand that the built environment affects humans. But one can discern , albeit very weakly a new horizon in architecture with demand for qualities that ensure human complex needs . But it is also far, far left .

I mean what is produced today resembles the contents of a new miljonprogram . Based on old models when all had jobs to go to and we live w ur life elsewhere than at home. It is two bedroom apartment with balcony still normative . Still : where are the chickens ? Where is the cellar ? Where is the common dining room for new family constellations? Where is fruit trees and berry bushes ? I think and hope that this replies in the new up and coming conscious generation that comes after the White old men eon-era.

We need  more sensual expressions in our built enviroment that speaks to our spirit, soul, mind and body. Good architekture responds to human beeings and supports us in our processes in life, helps us to grow and mature. 

svartvit Antonio Gbild 14 WP-källarfönster country hus cottage


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