About Leslie Kanes Weisman…

October 1, 2013

Andreas Nyström. 1. Inclusiveness

About Leslie Kanes Weisman’s

Women´s Enviromental Rights: A Manifesto

Within walls exists values. Silent values with no smell or visibility but which like gravity strives to make us see the world through their point of views. This is the way it is and always will be with walls. What we can do with walls is to let them present a point of view which is inclusive. But to be inclusive you better understand what it is that you are going toinclude. Otherwise it might just work the other way around.

What then is to understand and must inclusiveness by it´s nature always strive to include everybody? Could it be productive to program the  inclusiveness to include only some specific kinds of persons or will the price fore this always be to high?

What to understand might be which the existing power structures are, by which mens this power structures are reproducing them selfs and what a human being are. And yes, it could be productive to program the  inclusiveness to include only some specific kinds of persons even if this rightly should be called violence which I mean it is.

My theory is that violence, under certain circumstances, might be justified and I will give you an example to explain how I think. If one person holds an other person against that persons will and the only way this person can get free from being hold is to use violence then I mean that violence is not only justified but the only way of changing the existing power structures. But at the same second as the person, which former was hold, becomes free no more violence can be justified. Then creativity, instead of violence, must must be the means with which we then change things.

I write this because I think that Weisman’s suggestions are in some ways representing an exclusiveness. Her long time goal, as I understand it, is to create a value-free and inclusive reality but the means to get there is not to encourage people to produce all inclusive physical environments. Instead it is to make architecture which recognizes special issues. Issues which might exclude some peoples but which will contribute to a balance which can be compared with when the a person just are coming free from a oppressive grip. A specially important will it then bee to recognize when the oppressiveness no longer are oppressing by holding the grip. Because if we continue using violence with out absolute necessity then we our selfs become the oppressive once.

Andreas Nyström, 29 september 2013


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