A new “how to – guide” to spread ideas.

October 1, 2013


Manifests belong to modernism as ketchup belongs to hotdogs. During the 1900s, you could not create an -ism or a movement without the essential manifesto. It was mostly men that gathered in groups or single handedly wanted to show off their ego and intellect who collected their thoughts and ideas on how they would radically change society. The manifesto is both a response to the community or group you live in and it is a striving forward and away from the current state of things. A description of utopia, clarifying an agenda. In today’s post-modern condition, the manifesto is still a good method to compile ideas and thoughts of a group and communicate with like minded but if you want to communicate with the collective you need other forms of communication. With today’s constant internet connection, it is technically not difficult to spread a longer text. but it is only the ones who are already interested that bothers to read it. If you break down your message into smaller pieces and present them in a contagious fun way one can hope to create the next great meme. Try to get a clique storm going, make a brain worm no one can resist, communicate social and anarchic. Instead of forming large isms with  manifestos memes and many small messages forms vibrations to shake people and opinions in different directions. They eventually form new patterns and behavior from how the map of society looked yesterday. It’s like a kaleidoscope that slowly changes color and form. If you find just the right nerve and zeitgaist, the small vibrations from many different sources shake the architecture, the clients, the architects and those in power to ask the important questions for our time and make other priorities.


/ Amalia Marin


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