Patterns for Us All

October 1, 2013


muf, who work with public realm architecture and art, have their own formula. Their formula is d/s = D, or in words: detail/strategy = DETAIL.

We all have our way of doing things. I have my way of doing things. My way of doing architecture. I guess I started to form it when I made a hug. I needed one, really needed one. So, there I had it; a piece of furniture that made it possible for anyone to call me and give me a hug. This is the first part of my formula (i/c = v). I start from the inside of myself: inside (i).

The contour (c) is the next step. It’s about taking the inside (i) and translate it to a general idea; a general contour.  But the contour itself isn’t much of a useful conclusion. Whom does something general really fit? Not me anyway; I’m too short. Yes, we humans are much alike. Yes, we are all different.

I take the contour and modify it to a pattern repeat. The repeat itself is a foundation for variety (v). There are interminable different ways to do the repeat. Different placing. Different colors. Different numbers of repetitions. Different. It creates patterns for us all.

i/c = v, or in words: inside / contour = variety.

elsa jannborg

Katherine Shonfield, ”Premature Gratification and Other Pleasures” in This is What we do: a muf manual


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