Top-down or down-to-top (and then back down again)?

October 2, 2013



Katarina Shonfeldt describes a design process built on muf:s own formula: detail/strategy=DETAIL and giving us some short examples. The design process is a way to show a strategy that will work in a small scale and at the same time create a strategy for a bigger scale impact, but thru a reformulation is this impact shown back on the particular detail itself and of course the strategy is a city-wide strategy.


It is an interesting text which strongly, and well written, is working to show other ways to work. I think that if we are opening our ways of working of course we have better chances to end up with different result and thru evaluations a better result. To work with the same strategy over and over again and expect different result is not only strange ­– its really stupid.


I like the idea of changing the big picture by starting, and ending, with the details. From within for the ones that is going to use the architecture. This strategy is working in many other fields than architecture and I think it is a user friendly strategy which in many ways are decentralize power and gives ways of working down-to-top (and back to down) instead of the so tiring top-down that is so widely spread in architecture, especially in city planning, and society.


Poppe Ljungberg


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