The world is full of high potens and testosterone – isn´t it high time för urban curating in the built enviroment as a complement for change ?

October 6, 2013

 apa testosteron potens noshörning??????????????????? testosterton män i vita skjortor testosteron hjälmar testosteron reinfelt testosteron  alla män testosteron

High potens runs the world in all ideals, policy and decisions and relates to the same matrix – power, ego and action. No one want´s to be weak and soft.  

Till Wednesday, October 9, 2013 “Altering practice” 

Summary: A conference was held in Paris in the late 1990s with a large number of international women. The theme was: Altering practice – structure and attitudes change within the built environment and the architect need to create “space” so that the people who should be in the architecture can begin to change the world . We need a more nurturing architecture, “urban curating ” . A brand new practice must therefore begin to manifest itself in architecture “space” . The term can have many meanings; room , time, space , another  kind of space , metaphysical as earthy touch points . Therefore meet many interdisciplinary fields , particularly psychology / psycho analysis , philosophy, and art with which take various poetic expression. All these different currents develop discourses of Architecture “space” can induce affect humans and their growing , developing and dreams. It is about human identity in which the built environment affects and creates room to be in. The architecture needs to be reconstructed with new maps and other knowledge domains that cross-fertilize and develop our built environment . Today there is knowledge of the architecture’s impact through research, new empirical data and new theories but makers of various kinds ignores blank in this and the patriarchal capitalism shrugs. Liza Fior , one of the participants of the conference refers to MUF who believes that the way to a new architecture and new practices is through communication and build creative relationships with their customers and users.

My reflections: In Gothenburg, we have a city architect , relatively newly appointed , as more and more revealing itself and want to see it built the image of himself manifested in densification , spectacular projects , exclusivity and high buildings. He says: “Do you live in a big city then you have to tolerate noise, otherwise you have to move”. Wow, – what a statement!  City architect also says about the PLB that it takes to much responsibility for all different people and groups in all positions , regarding accessibility for the disabled . I’ve never heard him talk about the need for children’s needs , the unemployed and  and their lives in the suburbs, the need to examine the ground conditions for houses , and of course even less about “urban curationg ” . In the wake of rapid urban growth , the drugs and crime , shootings and misery developes. Those  with copmmunity power get away free about factors that excludes . Politicians and others in power, love the built image of themselves that is manifested in large complexes and that’s about big money. The small , friendly and “urban curating ” as wooden fences , chickens, root cellar , potato fields is not as exciting . And I do not want to become farmers wife full time. No I want to live 50/50% – an urban and modern city woman who alternates between small-scale and large-scale , alternating between town and country, between cyberspace and the earthy .

Tools for changing practice : No 1: Is to be aware and say STOP, enough of contempt for weakness and dare to say YES to slow-way-living and stand up for it. That needs  courage, concerning,  knowledge and arguments to dare to affirm the small , naive , kind and human , as urban curating incentive .  No 2: Protest aginst the community  detailplanings and demand a feminine perspectives  connected to new arguments from modern gender theories. No 3: Lobby so that the media/social media get information and providing status to the architecture’s soft issues .

Lena Palm / Gbg 


Doina Petrescu “Altering Practices” in Altering Practices:  Feminist Politics and Poetics of Space, London: Routledge, 2007. 




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