A strategic and open approach?

October 8, 2013



“A key difference between contemporary art practice and architecture is embedded in the strategic stage of the work and the very idea of the strategy itself.” (p.16)

Fine! But when and how do you develop your strategy?

Architecture depends on elaborate processes concerning everything from the big picture to the littlest details. Depending on each other. Any structure is most definitely bound to its setting and is not applicable to just any other location.

Forcing these creative processes into a template of “how to” weakens the potential of both process and result. I consider details as the core of any project. But – how fantastic it ever might be to begin every project with details, it does not always apply to any situation. Being open to approach architecture from any angle is the best template I could think of.

Response to: Katherine Shonfield, ”Premature Gratification and Other Pleasures” in This is What we do: a muf manual

Johanne Killi


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