The Way is Not to Sit Down in Their Seat

October 8, 2013


”Because women historically have been excluded from creative activities, been forgotten or devalued, it is common that women do not see themselves as creative people. […] Fuck that shit!” (Kvinnors byggforum, Kreativiteten)

I have read the introduction of Lori A. Brown’s Feminist Practices: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women in Architecture (2011). She wants to raise awareness about how feminist methodologies influence on design and our relation to the built surroundings. One motive was to increase the role of the female architects.

In America, there are about as many women as men who begins studies of architecture, but there are far less women than men left in the fifth year of architect studies. But the women do increases. As the number of women architects increases the visibility of us should increase in the same proportions, but it’s not.

Lori A. Brown means that one reason is that the exposed architecture is not diverse enough (p. 2). There are not enough role models for women and minorities; those who could be are invisible.

There has to establish a more diverse exposing of architecture. Feminist Practices: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women in Architecture is one method. I think that it also has to come more direct and approachable for everybody. As long as people outside the faculty only sees the starchitect way of doing architecture other ways will have it hard to exist.

It’s far fewer women in positions of power in architecture (p. 1), but as long as the power positions are about iconic buildings and people’s hubris I do not want to be in a position of power.


They say the earth is a sphere
They say it has no corners
The pope said that the earth was flat
The scientist says that we always known it’s is a sphere
I say the earth is a square
I say we have to erase the corners


elsa jannborg


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