step 2. Reinvent the wheel

October 9, 2013

post 2 reinvent

In the text Altering practices, Doina Petrescu illuminates the importance of viewing architecture as a dynamic ongoing process. This regards to the actual constructed objects as well as the practice itself, and therefor supports a dynamic view on architectural knowledge in general. A dynamic view, in turn, encourages reconstructions.

“These collective reconstructions, in our case, suppose ways of doing and undoing, ways of making and remaking space, of ‘producing space’ according to ‘altered’ rules and values” (p. 5)

In order to move forward, to get further, we have to rely on the writings, sayings, doings and shapings of others. It´s human development and progress. In some cases however, one could argue that the groundwork has become too detached from our modern values to support any further adding. Too outdated to make sense anymore. One could say that this calls for a revolution. Or maybe simply a reinvention.

I find myself trapped within a system that I do not agree with. A system that entwines and influences everything. I can´t seem to live and act without taking part in and supporting it. Perhaps it´s just time to go back and actually change the basic rules on which the system leans. In some cases it might really be a good thing to reinvent the wheel.

Anders Isacson


2 Responses to “step 2. Reinvent the wheel”

  1. nenander Says:

    I come to think of another strategy for escaping cultural context that Atelier van Lieshout performed in 2001. Their art project “AVL-ville” was the construction of a “free state” in the port of Rotterdam. It’s perhaps a parallel to lying, more pretending, but still delivering a sharp critic on our contemporary society. They had their own constitution, currency and flag and produced their own food, alcohol and energy. Somehow they did actually reinvent the wheel.

  2. Jordan Lane Says:

    A friend of mine is writing a thesis called “reinventing the wheel”. She is investigating the power of “lying” – or to put it more politely – the power of saying things which are not yet true – in writing policy and making positive change in society. I suppose we just have to remember that we are not making a better wheel. The old wheel has gotten unstable, now there will be a possibly rough transfer period to the new wheel.

    Roll on.

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