Sub specie eternitatis (Spinoza) – under the angle of eternity

November 19, 2013

                         1. venus från milos 2.KTH 20 nov

3.  grottmålningar i 4.  grotta

                           5. KTH-hus

1. Venus from Milo. 2. Sanskrit.  3.  Paintings from caves . 4. Fire in domestic area     5. Captured architecture?

(Till 20 november 2013) Jane Rendell, Site – Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism , London: IB Tauris , 2010.

Chapter: Undoing architecture 

Summary : 
Jane Rendell is asked to participate in a book to make comments / observations about the architecture and how it manifests itself, both concrete as abstract. Jane Rendell chooses to analyze and pin-prick her former childhood home and gets herself surprised that what she remembers , not consistent with her contemporary experience of space and design. Rendell realize that it ‘s because she got completely different frames of reference , both through her life experience as well as to her academic knowledge, has helped to broaden her frames of reference. Rendell stresses the importance of a well-developed language to express observations. The language is of great importance to be able to modulate and analyze and seem credible to the reader to that arouse desire to follow and understand the reasoning , no matter what should be analyzed and reviewed. In eleven points , we follow Rendell when she moves  back as well as lateral and forward in reflections on architecture and of her former home as a base. With her knowledge of scales Rendell  questions architecture, spatial design and functions and how constructions becomes standard practice and common practice , particularly by the patriarchal hierarchies. Rendell reshaping constructs and sets them against each other and their poles apart mirrors extremes. Rendell opposites peeling off resets structures and alters them to better fit the feminist theories and frameworks . To be able to formulate and reformulate requires a well developed language , both by the author but also by the receiver, the reader.

My reflections: Architecture is an inner tool that supports me or not. 

Architecture and buildings are like a language. Contact with the language is a way to find one´s  primordial force. My language is my powertool, my flint ax, knife or plow. I dont have to use a lot of words, only the exact.  To find these exact words i must get in contact with my inner force, that carries me forward and make me strong and powerful. To develop one`s language / writing capacity  is an act of will that often takes time, years , decades, – yes  a lifetime to develop . Like playing music or painting . Linguistic ability is a way to take control of a situation . For me, my good Swedish meant better economy , redress and often self-esteem. I ‘m not afraid of anyone or anything, I can speak, I kan write, I can read. I am able to write to authorities and trying to wake and run queries. I’m not at all afraid of my threatning landlords, for I can bring my own actions and that also for others . I can formulate letters, arrange signatures , point out omissions and demand money back . I you do not step on toes , I can answer for me, thanks to the language that I ‘ve trained up . Writing clarifies the mind and also traines up an another ability to remain silent and stationary tanks. It’s not always easy to shut computing machine in the head that rattles and comments , but silence and stillness gives distance and sharpness. Keeping silent is also to find its focus , its weight , its location. Again, the “less is more ” as well as the architecture. Within the framework of “less is more ” is a rigor that fascinatesand structures, it is about dignity, about reflection and respect. When everything is good , you can remain silent and enjoy and try to be one with the universe. That is how I feel when I move slowly among the streets and good architecture. Yes often, less is more. 

Sincerly to all of you, Lena from Gbg 


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