November 20, 2013


I think most important is the table. It is a large table in a separate room. The dining room, but not just that. Also the working place and a room to gather. The central space of the flat. The table is long and slightly narrow, proportions are essential.

 Consequence is the stupidity of praising architecture students for pushing through one principle, ones they applied it. I am still waiting for the praise I deserve for wearing the same pullover every day.

 I don‘t know, I think it should either be more of a building, or less of a building.


I am obsessed with chairs. They should all be different, but somehow alike. Like a family of most distinct characters, which still show these awkward resemblances both in look and habit as families share them. You should feel they belong.

 Obliging to the tyranny of consequence is to disguise a lack of attitude. 

 I see that, but what is the idea?!


The bedroom is the largest of the rooms. It is lit from two sides and has little in it. I never got the point of a bed. Sleeping with the mattress on the floor feels much more generous to the space. I am not sure about a closet. Its towering figure might dominate. Maybe there is a drawer instead. There is a chair in a corner to put clothes and a lamp next to the bed, but not much else, apart from the books and flowers.

 Superstition in concept is only flight from the realities of the everyday. Bold concept has no value in its own right.

 I really like your models, they are quite helpful.


There is no living room. I wouldn‘t know what for.

 Intuition is the only valid form of intelligence.

 Now, is it a building, or rather a structure?


The kitchenette shows a bricolage of drawers but they find together in pale colour. There is another table in the kitchen. Though, it is smaller and if you sit, you look out into the backyard. It feels more casual, but good.

 Do you think you can walk on the roof?

 Consistence and explanation is cowardly, as explanation is justification. Neither ugliness nor beauty adheres to those principles.

 Maybe it should be like a landscape, you could enter here, it slopes down on this side..

 Designing without idea is the ultimate virtue.

 Bathing, you see a glimpse of sky.


/ Christoph

After: Jane Rendell, Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism, London: I.B. Tauris, 2010.

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