Poor kid, its a girl!

November 20, 2013

pool 2

(Till 6 november 2013)  Zoi Sofia, Container Technologies’ in Hypatia Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring 2000, 

Summary: ontoligy and the inner essence of conditions and beingness.  Technology does engineering and engineering science, it is how something is designed to facilitate something to be done practically . How is it constructed ? How have the designers , – whatever the subject proceeded and what benchmarks have they had ? What did they have in mind when they designed? This applies to a mug, a washing machine or a house. This is what Zoe Sofia analayses and examines in her essay.

Heidegger is therefore a key figure in this reasoning and the science of things present , genesis and underlying philosophy known as the concept of ontology. The ontological questions is: what is it,  and how is it ? Another central figure in Sofia’s reasoning is Mumford who in 1934 published “Technology and civilization.” Both engaged in examining the intimate essence , right down to the minimum level and also underlying interpretations , metaphors . The ontology can be considered things psychoanalysis. Heidegger has in Sofia’s essay a long and anlytisk exess of a pitcher and that can be associated to a womb who conserves, gives and gives off . Everything can be analyzed at all levels , micro, macro and everything in between.  It can concern the jug and its conditions , its origin , manufacture, use, and end users through metaphors, both practically and biblically as psykoanlytiskt . Winnicot is present in Sofia’s texts, he has had a great influence on the object relation theory , how we are linked , initially the mother and then to the outside world Hedeigger has taken strong impression Winnicot who was a famous pediatrician and later psykoanalyetiker . Sofia scrutinize things from a feminist perspective, where the woman’s everyday life and contact with objects is the focus of her essay and the conclusion is that nothing can be isolated from anything else. All human beings relate to everything in one way or another.

My reflections: Household cores and tasks  mostly belong to girls and women. The men “helps” us but women take the main repsonse, still. Take the kitchen example it constukted to

Sincerly Lena Palm Gbg

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