November 29, 2013



In the text Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism Jane Randell writes on ideas about architecture, art and theory. She suggests a new way to receive and criticize new ideas, in a way where the critic puts art first. Randell describes what happens when discussion of site enters the writing of the art criticism. The explored sites, substantive, conceptual, political and emotional of the artwork’s construction as well as the remembered, imagined and dreamed by the artist or critic of other viewers.

We live in a time of rapid technological advances and changes. Large number of books, magazines and information in other forms are being published. Large amounts of information are available in the hands of one when you want. How should we relate to information that comes in so many different ways, one should re-evaluate the consequences of the technological progress in media publishing. It is interesting to look at the intersection of art criticism and technological changes that enable you to think about how to look at information in terms of art or architecture, and how to relate and process the information.



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