December 6, 2013



In the book “Irigaray for Architects” Peg Rawes describes the work of Luce Irigaray. Irigaray is interesting for architects since “she examines how gender and subjectivity construct our experiences of Western culture and architecture”(Rawes, 2007 : 2)

Irigaray has a theory of sensing subjects and spaces that explores the importance of sense-based interaction with architectural design. Irigaray claims that “touch is the new way of expression for describing the sexed subject’s interactions with other people, and understandings of materials and space.” (Rawes, 2007 : 51)
“Sensory experiences of the world, space and architecture are generated our of tactile and non-verbal relations” (Rawes, 2007 : 53)

Sensory and tactile experiences are aspecially important when designing for the blind. We all rely on our eyes perhaps too much. Instead of touching we might imagine the feel of touching a surface just by looking at it.

At the end of the text by Peg Rawes she presents a few questiones for dialogue and we can clearly see how these questiones might help in a design process. Stimulating new ways of looking at things.

“How do intimate spaces enable productive social relationships?
Why are non-visual perceptions of space important for architects?
What value do multi-sensory methods have for making architectural space benefit the user?
What can touch-based sensory perceptions offer to contemporary design?
What is required in design to make urban spaces places of constructive encounters?
What are the important considerations for designing spaces for women and(or tactile interaction, e.g. hospitals and maternity wards?”  (Rawes, 2007 : 61)


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