How to cure an idle mind

December 11, 2013


1. Close your eyes. Carefully apply a thick layer of foundation from the cheek bones and all the way up over the eyebrows.

2. Push a finger through your left earring hole and expand the hole until you are about one centimeter from the outer edge of the ear. Repeat the procedure for your right ear. Now gently loosen the top of your right ear from the side of the head. Bend it outwards five to ten centimeters, but be sure to keep the bow-like shape.

3. Open your mouth. Stroke generously with a glue stick along the inside of your upper and lower lips. Use your fingers to press and hold your lips together for at least one minute.

4. Take a firm grip around your nose, count to three and rip it off as you would a plaster. If a hole appears, fill it with spackling paste and cover with foundation.

5. Gently dip your index fingers into a glass of beetroot juice (or some other coloring liquid), and place one finger on the upper side of each temple. Lean your elbows against a table and slowly turn your head as far as it goes in each direction. This will mark out a line for the scissors. Now cut carefully along the marked line until the top of the skull is completely detached.

6. Stir steadily with a soup ladle while adding some solvent, and pour the content over whatever you have been working with for the last couple of weeks.


text: Elizabeth Diller, ‘Bad Press’ in Francesca Hughes, ed. The Architect Reconstructing her Practice, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996

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