December 12, 2013



Zoe Sofia in her essay reflects to the fact that everything in this world is finalized or belongs to males especially in the western culture. Females are containers even nature according to history is a container of “Big mother of treasures (material, land, knowledge) according the text containers are the mediators between subjects and the external world. They have the role of female with a child in her belly which is passive and feminine while the tools/technology are connected to the male and are masculine. Back in to history many of tools were created for male since the majority of the users were males. While nowadays majority of the women are interested in techniques. Referring to the female womb in Zoe’s text container is a feminine oriented word. Let me disagree with it since, male can be in the role of the containers by caring their ideas. Lets not label things with making them different by ourselves. For instance, Zoe brings the example of male and female designed driven houses, the smart house and GaBe. But in both cases the house provides a flexible, safe, easy … way of lifestyle for its consumer. In this case the house is the container of technology an indoor environment for the individual. Men and women experience the environment by their ways “experience as an ‘environment mother” An architect has the role of the mediator, the container, who should provide a place/space for her infant the individuals/people. “Space experienced by the infant are the inner world of fantasy and outer world of sociotechnical reality” (Zoe S. p.184) , “it is the foundation for later creative experiencing and cultural production which plays on the borders of fantasy and reality” (Zoe S. p.184)

In response to:  Zoe Sofia, ‘Container Technologies’ in Hypatia Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring 2000, pp. 181-200.

Ninel Niazi


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