The world we found ourself in

September 24, 2014

Text of inspiration: Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman

We have always consider ourself to be explorers. We have traveled, made tools, developed faster ways and tried to prolong life. We also seems to have a need to understand our being and therefor used different strategies to organize and to control our surroundings. We used words, words turned to culture and and culture turned to habit. Looking at it now I wonder if it has turned against us? Our words tied us to a self-image that is restricting. We applied: ”if you say it enough times it will be true”. We grouped things and people: you are a man, you are women, this is culture, this is nature and this is the time of men. Our shared identity as humans that we might have constructed ourself does not fit us anymore. We wanted to put things in groups to be able to organize but in doing this we made a limitation and many spend there time trying to find a way out of the group where they where told to be in.

In a posthuman society the rules of grouping can be seen differently, more complex. Technology are developing at high speed and the world is changing fast. We struggle to relate to all new and old conditions. It is hard to understand our different societies today but even harder to use old methods to try to find a way of se how it is constructed. Could we even understand who we would be without the tools and technology of today? We melt together with our surrounding and it makes the reasoning of only culture nature hard to use. There are many different condition to exist in but today still a possibility that we will meet, share or disagree with each other. We need a new way of looking at our shared identity, a way that can relate to a world in movement. The new global time is a complex and changing situation and we need to recognize it for what it is.

The disappointment of the previous generation makes us lose interest in the ideologies that used to be the plan for our development. We have to be skeptical of the idea of picking up an old ideology and try to ad it in to our current global, fast spinning, technological society. There is a need of new ways of relating to ourself and the world and need for new names. In the Posthuman era there is a need of new method and concepts for theory to take a new stand and gain in importunes in the society. From there we can find new visions for the future.

Emili Norén


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