Anonymity & individualism on “posthumanism”

September 28, 2014

posthuman_IThe social democrats in Sweden won the election against the conservatives one week ago. A rough difference of their politics against the former politicians can be described as they are pro a collective and a state individualism in comparison to the conservatives that speaks about the individualism and freedom of individuals. Could for example individualism be one key definition to what have driven our generation to a so called “post human” condition according to what Braidotti speaks about in the introduction to “The Posthuman”.

Going back to the start of industrialisation and briefly look how people started to derive from both a former close relationship to the material of commerce and the encounter of different spices as both animals and humans capitalism were not only changing the traditional man made products through technology but it was also affecting the relations between humans, family’s and the community.

With global economics and a strong individualism of humans that value themselves before others maybe some sort of anonymity derived and therefore “Posthumans” are living in a anonymous universe.The milk they drink for breakfast are anonymous for them, even for the market that sells the product it´s anonymous and probably the truck driver that delivers the milk could n´t answer where the milk was actually produced.

As a citizen you maybe are anonymous to most of the products you consume, and aswell the other creatures you meet. You are maybe not even speaking to the humans, cats or dogs that lives in the same house as you. And since individualism is about humans evaluate herself before other spices maybe that create less time on understanding humanity as a collective. And maybe that time one human spend on herself is causing some kind of inhumanity and the community you could be able to participate in continues to be anonymous. A already posthuman city accordingly to Braidotti.

/Frida Körberg

One Response to “Anonymity & individualism on “posthumanism””

  1. Here the posthuman is explored in its less positive connotations, it is that neo-liberal extension to the point of absurdity of individualism and individual rights so that each individual becomes their own co-isolated island (you might enjoy Peter Sloterdijk on this notion of individuals as co-isolated cells, see ‘Cell Block, Ego-Spheres, Self-Container’ in Log 10, 2007, pp. 89-108 (a copy can be found at: To open the text write: ‘resarc’.) What part of a city like Stockholm feels the most anonymous, in terms of individuals occupying streets as though oblivious to one another, pretending no one is there but themselves? Perhaps choose a busy intersection, or square, like Sergels Torg, or Stureplan, and study this in detail as a ‘post human landscape’ understood via extreme expressions of individualism?

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