1) Depression and the Post-Human: Daniel van Schaik

October 1, 2014


Depression and the Post-human

— Female Expectations —


Made up face,

Bordered by hair,

Opinions swim,

But I shouldn’t care.

If Eve was right,

Then Adam let her down,

Because the snake prevails,

Under this dusty frown.

My friends they judge,

But I know they’re here,

My ability to articulate,

Reduces my fear.

With magazine billboards,

Shoved in your face,

Your spirits don’t matter,

Just pay your disgrace.

Succumb to the deceits,

And pull off the cover,

Remove your morals,

And inject another.

Please believe what you read,

It was never your fault,

Ignorance is bliss,

Locked in a cultural vault.

Every man wants to ‘wo,’

The opposite gender,

But the joke is that media,

Has birthed the offender.

Empowerment is key,

And numbers don’t lie,

A fifty-fifty split,

Inequality must die.


Depression and the Post-human

— Male Expectations —


I’m a male that is short, dainty but strong,

Strength is an asset, but my mixture is wrong.

I understand colours, painting and art,

But when it comes to my life, I need to restart.

Expected to be like the men on TV,

But macho is something I don’t want to be.

In their image I’ve toiled, to maintain a façade,

But your ignorance and hate is making it hard.

To live with myself, gets nastier every day,

Mingling is torture, anxiety my pay.

The phone it rings, my favorite songs tune,

But avoidance repeats, and I withdraw to my room.

Software it burns, humming most nights,

With acidic dreams and a future that bites.

If time is speeding up, why is my hardware so slow?

That’s it… You ignored me… You cant tell me ‘no.’

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