A feminist post-human place?

October 1, 2014

Respond to readings 01.

Reading Linda L. Haynes introduction chapter about what defines as feminist techonolgy, and what does not, made me think about what the word feminist technology means to me. The meaning clearly changes when separating the two words from each other. Technology alone, for many, lies near the advanced high-tech world which (very predictably) involves robots, spaceships, computers and other objects which often is considered as ”masculine objects”. But by adding the word feminist in the front makes me ask the question ”what could it be beyond those typical innovations?”.

When Hayes describes that a criteria for feminist technology is that it need to support womens ability to evolve, expand and to express their capacity, it becomes clear that the feminist technology works for fundamental equality in the everyday life. Still, when I hear the word technology the first I think about is hich-tech innovations such as robots and spaceships, even though they very small role in my everyday life. In that meaning, the word feminist becomes a tool to remind me of what sort of technology really is needed and what sort of technology works for a more equal society.

Following the seminar about post-human places, for me, there is a similarity if the definition of post-human simply is; after humans impact on that specific place, or beyond beeing human. In that sense a posthuman place could be a movie like The Matrix, which takes place in a high technological environment that exists beyond the human world. But in the same way robots, spaceships and computers feels like the most predictable examples of technology, science fiction movies feels like the most predictable exampel of what something that is ”beyond human” could be. And in addition both of them feel like very ”hard” or ”masculine” examples.

If placing feminist in front of the word technology helps one to think beyond the otherwise typical technological innovations, and helps one to broaden their idea of what technology means – maby feminist can be in service of defining what a post-human place can be? And to stay open of what a feminist post-human place could be, I will think of it as something that is beyond human, and something that physically does not exist, but as a place that I can visit in my head – like a dreamplace.

Sofi Simon Grell


 Stone – to illustrate something that is “hard” and unable to change and evolve.

Space – to illustrate and embody “the dream-place”.

One Response to “A feminist post-human place?”

  1. MÄKTIG Says:

    Hi sofi!
    I very much liked your comment on the posthuman landscape being something that could be referred to as a dreamplace. Its often easy to only consider the things that is the closest to the physcal world.

    For me the Posthuman landscape is a system, something that is generating relations between things, people, realities. In a way one could say that it also is a place that exists like the matrix as you describe, beyond the physical. But still very much physical because it sets the game plan. Beyond human because its not human, but still we personifies the system, carrying it and generating it… like the inequality in society.

    Hard to comment like this, hope its useful 🙂

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