Virtual goods vs things and objects

October 1, 2014


Respond to The Thing” by Elisabeth Grosz.

Early in the text Grosz compares the differences between things and objects according to Kantian philosophy and Darwinism.

Kant insisted that object not are in relation to life and living while Darwin claimed all things have life and a history.

One can play with the idea if Darwin and Kant having a discussion on digital and virtual goods delivered and purchased by the “Generation Y”or the so called “Net Generation”. One wonder if Darwin still had assert that virtual goods would be real and living.

He maybe would go on making comparisons to swords in Second life and swords hanging on the wall in the Army museum arguing that the two objects are basically the same. And while Darwin tries to convince and explain to Kant how the process and design of the swords are made in the same way, Kant soon are ready to explode. Because the arguments of Darwin, Kant neglect as “drivel” and not long after the roles of lecturing are reversed Kant now attempt to explain for Darwin why the virtual sword above all cannot be a living object since it does n´t even exists.

When Bill Gates claimed that all family’s should own their own personal computer he probably could n´t predicted that everyone who could afford would own not only that but also miniaturized personal computers carrying them like wallets thirty years later.

Since Windows 1.0 was presented the post industrial-, information society and Windows 8.1 are current. And objects and things like computers are enable development. For everyone that can participate that is.

For science and business who walk parallel to each other seen in Microsoft for example the purpose of the actual things one can argue when Grosz tells us about how we accommodate the things rather then they us feels extra relevant when listening to conversations that being interrupted by smart phones, mistaken of being spoken to in the bus shelter not conscious of the earpieces she was wearing and feeling lonely among other people at a public square when crying to a Ted talk about death.

/ Frida Körberg


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