Poché vs porosity

October 15, 2014


The site is carved in rock. Even if the walls and roof is sprayed with concrete one can see the soft landscape like ceiling that it´s rock. I’m inside a cave.

The platform is thought casted in concrete. The solid stone I´m standing on it´s a surface material.

The hylomorphism relation between brick and clay as described in the text here the compound of the carved space and the streamlined trains is visible if you peer into the tunnel and see the void that it has created. The underground blasting is made with help from explosions and caterpillars that excavated the material where the mould is already existing.

Stepping from the platform where the solid mass and material encircled the whole location into the streamlined train you´re suddenly inside the negative form.

Here the walls are the contradiction to the former one since they are only 25 cm thick and created like a sandwich element of steel. The steel is not solid as the iron of the Eiffel tower but instead of property of a surface. Consisted by chromium. The moulded walls, floor and roof are full of joints which has to be as smooth as possible since otherwise it could cut and damage clothing of people while pressing against the walls in rush hour. Not only for it´s function but as property as well the interior of the train greatest wish is to be as the roof, walls and floor in the tunnel, one piece.

The antropocene with it´s globalization of trading material are not only the reasons why the train is more anonymous in the material then the underground waiting hall, it´s also because it´s designed like that. It´s composed, drawn and based on the function of travelling, only. The posthuman landscape as Braidotti would probably the subway is the opposite of interacting, socializing and urban.

-Katie Lloyd Tomas, ‘Going into the Mould’ in Radical Philosophy, vol. 144, July/August 2007, pp. 16-25.

/ Frida Körberg

One Response to “Poché vs porosity”

  1. lovisawallgren Says:

    Expressive description of the rooms and the materials, one could really feel the mass of the cave walls and the anonymous thin layers folded around the passengers in the train. /Lovisa Wallgren

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