The Fruit as a container Technology: Context and Process

October 15, 2014
Certain reserves of energy: The natural container technology of fruit and shelter.

Certain reserves of energy: The natural container technology of fruit and shelter.

There is no technology with out a reserve of energy. Across the tropical world fruits are exported thousands of kilometres to provide season-less access to food stuffs. Spices, Bannas, appels. the skin of the fruit is a natural container technology protecting the fruit and at the same time asscing to be destroyed. So that its precious cargo can be realised. Most of these vegetables there very purpose for living/death-ing = being eaten  are nullified in climates that cannot house the seeds of the fruit. Yet there human purpose is produced giving a reserve of energy for the production of action in the technological consumer world.

A world powerful enough to siphon the very natural food stuffs from rich areas, that is rich in natural resources, and produce poverty and hunger in the very places that the food is produced. No idea can exist without its context. No food stuff can exist at every time or place without the devaluation of the labor needed to supply inexpensive food stuffs. Everyone must eat but only those who can afford to reduce the price of food stuffs so as to have them available despite the season.

What is a container if not the value that it contains? its value embedded in the process of its containment: the food stuff in the ground  skinned into fruit by the plants and transported to my home in Stockholm. Perhaps what is needed is rest in the production of season-less food stuffs.  The democratisation of malnutrition.


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