October 16, 2014

diagram-3-frameworkThe apartment is a container of a life. Spaces designed for a places to rest, eat, wash and keep our things stored and protected. The more space we have the more things we need to fill it up and new containers to place them in. Maybe we all have the same things in our homes because the space are designed, costume made to fit a bed and sofa from Ikeas contemporary collection or is it the way that we really wanna live. The hard distinction of what is our constructed desire and what are the genuine ones.

Even the walls that contains us, protects us and our things are containers. They consist of layers of different material, matter, voices,  pipes and contains an infrastructure for electricity, water and air. Most people will not know what it looks like inside their walls and many do not care to know the life inside the walls as long as it keeps them warm. We will only know the surface and the materiality. We paint and care for the surface and sometimes you will hear the sounds of the different layers in the wall. Like the dog on the 6th floor, with a hearing that is far better than his human companion, will lay on the floor in the kitchen alone most of the day. He listened to the walls, the buzzing and murmur coming through it, the air running in the kitchen fan, the noise of the electricities activity and the sound of the material around him. It could be that he knows more about the inside of this walls than he’s human companion do.

Life in a flat on the 6th floor of a gray concrete building. From the outside a unified container that are in fact a repetition of many identical containers stacked in a 24 meter pile. All with a balcony as a little un-contained space or at least a pike hole out.The idea is interesting that we built ourself up in the air and up there we plant our flowers like we wished we where on the ground. In the middle of our wish to take part of new technology, innovation and the longing for nature. One little outdoor place in this building belongs to the women and the dog on the 6th floor.

Most nights they spend alone inside protected from the outside but also invisible and sometimes it is lonely. She watches the TV and she can hear the TV sound from another apartment. She recognize that it is the same show that she is watching right now only delayed a milli second. She imagine that in every container in this concrete building there is another person like her, alone in the sofa watching the same show in their individual boxes, all protected and invisible. This image makes her smile, how absurd our houses shape our life. We live close but not together just close enough so we can feel the presence through our walls. But this is the way we want to live, right?

Text of inspiration: Katie Lloyd Thomas, ‘Going into the Mould’ in Radical Philosophy,

/Emili Norén



  1. elsajannborg Says:

    This was a good text about the never ending question about our homes. “But this is the way we want to live, right?” The story makes the standing point strong. And the text wouldn’t be the same without the dog; everything isn’t about ‘us’.


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