October 20, 2014


Now a days when verbs and properties such as holding, protecting and preserving, through evolution, entry of democracy and the rise of feminist theory, have started do gain status – how are we going to keep these properties female and make them not totally annexed by males? Of course it’s great that it is now easier to share responsibilities in the house hold in heterosexual relationships but why is it all of a sudden males that are dominating the domestic scene when after 10 000 years it’s become ”cool” to cook and clean? Why is it that as soon as women have created some status for their selves, men are all up in their business trying to dominate that field? The real problem isn’t that men want to help out at home, but, the fact that whatever field women choose to engage in seem to lose status and Fast.

I have chosen the snake pit –picture by Mats Carlsson-Lénart, from my mood board because it symbolizes something that is a place and a container at the same time. Snake pits are places of horror, torture and even death in European legends and fairy tales (as are buildings) and they also have a connection to fertility and power. They are to me great sources of inspiration.

Wim W

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