3001: Gender technologies

November 12, 2014

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The year is 3001. Mankind has left the face of the Earth and we now live around Earth. Our home is now The Circle. We became Post-Human once we left. Earth became post-human once we left.

One idea that got left behind on earth was the idea about two genders. Since sexual reproduction was made unnecessary and obsolete with technological advances in cloning and reproduction the idea about gender stopped being relative. Today the reproduction of the Circle’s population is completely controlled and new individuals are created at specific facilities. Still you need DNA chains from two individuals for artificial reproduction but child carriage does not exist.

Today only the areas around the six elevators have been colonized. However, according to the Grand Plan the hope is to grow the population so that one day the Circle will be completely built and inhabited. Another thing that has led to the complete eradication of the two-gender framework is the Circle´s network – the network which every citizens mind is connected. The network doesn´t allow for direct access to everybodies thoughts and ideas but it creates a unity of thought. Although being circular in appearance the Circles network is far from being circular in function. Ties between individuals in the six populated areas are certainly strong for each area but ties across areas are no less important. People are more aware about different possibilities of thinking. The network creates a deeper level of sharing than previously was possible. The body is therefore less important for communication. The body is just a vessel for the mind and your appearance or biological sex is of no importance. Within this reality gender becomes irrelevant. People might have a certain sexual orientation or a gender identity but those form a full spectrum of possibilities.

Birkir Ingibjartsson


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