3001: The bone

November 12, 2014

( reading 02 … better later than never. I hope! )

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The year is 3001. Mankind has left the face of the Earth and we now live around Earth. Our home is now The Circle. We became Post-Human once we left. Earth became post-human once we left.

Some would say that it was a natural evolution of mankind. Moving towards the sky and integrating non-carbon biological technologies to the human body. An annual upgrade iteration to compensate the body for its relative vulnerability – true evolutionary fitness work-out. Technology was always the great aid to action. We should thank the first post-ape – the first human – for its intuition for where we are today. In space. She picked up the bone to fight off a stronger tribe. The bone multiplied her possibilities to action. It facilitated, required and generated her intelligence. That in turn multiplied her possibilities even further. Intelligence -> more action -> more intelligence -> more action. The bone was the first tool. The bone was the first sign of technology extending the reach of the mind. However, from the first post-ape and towards the dawn of the post-human, technological advances where limited to physical tool making. Certainly each new tool extended the reach and the intelligence of its civilization but all where limited to the mind of individuals. The introduction of the mechanized mind, the computer, was the first signs of a technology that could extend the possibilities of the mind itself. The internet was the second as it connected physically the minds of all human beings and it created a hope for a global consciousness. The merger of all three; the computer, the internet, the mind, was the birth of the post-human. No longer are we limited to the mind of our own body. All knowledge is accessible to all and a global consciousness has certainly been established. What implications this will have to our future are still to unfold…

Birkir Ingibjartsson


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