Obtaining knowledge

November 12, 2014

obtaining knowledge_I

It´s no difference between the genders who are techno consumers at my site.

Men and women carries different sized computers and seem as equal technology liberated.

There is either no problem in the men’s domination of technology because of the actual tools as referred to with earlier labour work of industrialism since both genders master the “user friendly” laptops, eReaders or smart phones as well. But maybe one cannot estimate patriarchal oppression based only on equal usage of internet during rush hour in the sub.

The social feminists ”saw a strong link between capitalism and patriarchy class and gender as bound together in the social relations of capitalism”. The websites people at the tube are reading, watching or linking to are maybe no longer high tech as in forefront of gender technology but instead making advertising. Which is within the structure of capitalism.

The post modernists writes one how “the life on the screen” can be disconnected to age, gender voice, accent or heritage and therefore in short terms be a revolution in the information technology because of how it´s changing the character of capitalism. Also the feminist and cyborg (hybrid of organism and machine parts) writer, Haraway thinks new technology can create new meanings.

But the question is, even if the replacement from factory labor to the information society have been part of the transformation of the women’s relation to technology, the consumer based society have produced new problems. Because even when the optimistic cyberborg´s writes of the new world of creativity and knowledge being the core of capitalism the gender some how containing the same throughout time. Who is the majority of writers at wikipedia for example? In one sense the obtaining of knowledge where it already exists even when the high tech “world wide web” allowing global communication the social arrangements are not differently from what they were maybe in the factory’s nor Machintosh.

So while sitting at the tube connected under the pseudonym “androgyny” in the google account I get the ads, the empty phrases, the articles and the games all based on same clichés and stereotypes as I see in the tube while looking at the Christmas advertising.

So outdated.

/ Frida Körberg Turhagen

Reading four- TechnoCapitalism Meets Technofeminsim: Women and technology in a Wireless World, by Judy Wajcman


One Response to “Obtaining knowledge”

  1. elsajannborg Says:

    ‘Who is the majority of writers at wikipedia for example?’

    I got curious. Didn’t found a answer but I found this:
    Researchers around the world have begun to identify key personality traits in Wikipedians. According to a study published in 2008, Wikipedia members are more likely than non-members to locate their ‘real me’ online—that is, to feel more comfortable expressing their “real” selves online than off.[8] This corresponds with more general findings that Internet communities tend to attract users who are introverted offline but more able to open up and feel empowered on the Web.[9][10] A gender difference was found in terms of extroversion: whereas female Wikipedia members were on average more introverted than female non-members, male members were just as extroverted as males in the control group. Wikipedians have also been found to be less agreeable, and less open, as defined by psychology’s Big Five personality traits.[8]’



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