Trying hard to get away from the body.

November 12, 2014

Can we see a body when there is no body? Do we see a structure when there is no structure? 

Connections to a network when there is no network?


Bottoms up

If the body and its historical and cultural conditions are not acknowledged in the present, is this a liberation or a denial of the paucity of the past? How it trickles into every movement that we experience and enact in the present.

The site of my investigation is the eye. The network it belongs to is the biomechanics of the limits that create and define its power to see the world as it can be seen. Its network is the interwoven social technological human world of. It acts both as agent and as site sharing qualities of both while functioning in the network as a site for that network.

The site could be the eye- but more accurately it is the idea of the eye.

Shell for build

Shell for build

 How deeply can we see an object? Can we see it past the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th dimension and into the human dimension?

“Machines designed by men with men in mind. Still require physical labor as a sort of skill.”

Not as a biological bias but then as what?

(one could say the same of any profession, it is not a knowledge based bias, but then what?)

“Flows of messages and images between networks constitute the basic thread of social structure.”

My boots cannot reveal my status as male or female? Can my building? 

Design and gender flow into and out of each other. Just as engineering and architecture meet.

Top Side up


The eye procures the manifestation of these things and a point of view is the origin of design but not the end of it. There is still the other that one must deal with. When we think first of the position of the embodied – how the key chain is too heavy- how the bra is too tight – how the heel of the boot makes too much noise – then the solution comes out – if the body is not recognised as a sort of deterrent – conditioner – instead of an abstract unity- not solution is possible. 

Technology will not overcome the body- the in-understandable will triumph over the understood. Hence the recurring inequalities in technology and architecture when discussing gender.

The eye functions in a network of moments both perceived and not perceived. A series of serious embodiments from one generation to the other that shift its vision and focus as easily as the stresses of line on a paper page.

I imagine the network to exist in the site but is capable of moving through and past it, of ignoring it, or using it. The site is rather a specific part of a network, it cannot be the entire network for no network , as i imagine it, is a closed system. The site like the network can be delimited through stopgaps of information. The agency of the thing in the site is based on the networks pretensions or proclivities, how it functions and does not function, how it can function and cannot function (is the agency of the network q question?). The affects and relations are that of vision, seeing. How it manipulates sees, and does not see are based on the inner site-network relation within the object/thing.

Solid Nothing

Solid Nothing


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